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AffiliateAdvertising.Club: Every online marketer needs this!

AffiliateAdvertising.Club is not your typical crypto project. participants buy $10 packages and earn profits as more funds flow in.

Welcome to the world of crypto mischief, where we explore the exciting realm of cryptocurrency. Today, we’ll delve into a new project set to launch on Tuesday, October 24th. Please note that this discussion is not financial advice, and we must emphasize the potential risks involved. This project is an affiliate advertising club with a unique twist that could either lead to substantial gains or significant losses. In this SEO-friendly article, we’ll explore the concept and potential strategies for navigating this intriguing venture.
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Understanding the Affiliate Advertising Club

The Affiliate Advertising Club is not your typical crypto project. It operates on a system resembling a Ponzi scheme, where participants buy $10 packages and earn profits as more funds flow into the system. The key to success in this venture is timing, with early birds standing the best chance of reaping rewards.

Here’s how it works: As more individuals invest, a “cylinder” metaphorically fills up, and those at the top of the cylinder receive their payments. As new participants enter, the cylinder gets taller, making it harder for latecomers to reach the top. The venture’s viability hinges on a continuous influx of participants, and when it becomes saturated, the project could cease to function.

The Unique Advertising Component

What sets the Affiliate Advertising Club apart is its advertising aspect. Participants are encouraged to click on banner ads to earn points. Accumulating enough points leads to additional earnings. These ads are not random; they promote various projects, including NFT collections and Polygon land. Essentially, you’re advertising DeFi projects within the DeFi project itself.

Creating and Uploading Ads

Participants can create and upload their ads to the system. With thousands of users already signed up, your ads could potentially reach a substantial audience. People using the system may come across your ads, which might pique their interest in the projects you’re advertising. Given the crypto-based nature of this venture, it’s not just about clicking ads but potentially attracting more investors.
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To participate in the Affiliate Advertising Club, you need to follow these steps:

1. Sign up for the program.
2. Deposit your cryptocurrency, with Litecoin as the primary recommended coin.
3. Start by funding your account with the desired amount, typically in $10 packages.

Note that while Litecoin incurs a 0.5% tax, other cryptocurrencies might have a 1% tax. Hence, using Litecoin can be more cost-effective.


The project suggests a strategy to maximize your returns:

1. Start with $100 and enable auto repurchase.
2. Let the auto repurchase double your investment five times.
3. After the fourth cycle, disable auto repurchase.
4. Withdraw twice your initial investment.
5. Continue to reinvest and withdraw in a balanced manner.

The goal is to recoup your initial investment after three cycles, and then you can decide whether to reinvest or withdraw your profits.


The Affiliate Advertising Club offers a unique approach to cryptocurrency investments, combining elements of advertising with a Ponzi-style mechanism. While it may sound unconventional, the project’s developer has a track record, and its simplicity and potential rewards are intriguing. As with any crypto investment, it’s essential to exercise caution and consider the risks involved. Ultimately, the decision to participate in this venture is a personal one, and it’s important to stay informed and make well-considered choices. Happy investing!
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