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If you're invested in itpro ( not to be confused with, this may be the critical moment to withdraw your funds.

If you’re invested in itpro (not to be confused with, this may be the critical moment to withdraw your funds. There are substantial indications that ITP Corporation may be on the brink of collapse, with a concerning 100% deposit bonus offer for Thanksgiving raising alarm bells.

Thanksgiving Bonus Extravaganza by ITP:

In the spirit of Thanksgiving 2023, ITP is running a limited-time 48-hour carnival, enticing investors with generous deposit bonuses. However, the nature of these bonuses and the urgency of the campaign warrant careful consideration.

ITP’s Thanksgiving bonus notice:

“Thanksgiving 2023 48-hour carnival day
In order to welcome the 11th Thanksgiving Day since the establishment of ITP, thanks for meeting us, thanks for having you, and thanks for all users’ support and love to ITP.
At the same time, in order to give back to all users, we hereby launch the 48-hour Thanksgiving Day Bonus, bringing you a taste of ITP’s special commitment and care!
We are mutually accomplished and complementary to each other, and will chase more great dreams in the future!

 Activity details:
1. Users who make a single deposit of $263 to $264 will receive $263
2. Users who make a single deposit of $623 to $624 will receive $623
3. Users who make a single deposit of $1,523 to $1,524 will receive $1,523
4. Users who make a single deposit of $3,223 to $3,224 will receive $3,223
5. Users who make a single deposit of $6,723 to $6,724 will receive $6,723
6. Users who make a single deposit of $11,023 to $11,024 will receive $11,023
7. Users who make a single deposit of $23,023 to $23,024 will receive $23,023
8. Users who make a single deposit of $37,023 to $37,024 will receive $37,023

 Activity Notes:
1. You must strictly follow the deposit amount to get the bonus.
For example, a deposit of $1,523.5 will give you $1,523, while a deposit of $1,525 will not give you a bonus.
2. Each user is eligible for a maximum of 8 bonuses, one for each bonus.
3. Users who receive at least 2 bonuses or more during the campaign period will also receive a free Thanksgiving dinner voucher worth $500.
4. Bonuses will be sent automatically, the more you participate, the more you will win.
5. The campaign is valid for 48 hours: from 00:00:00 on November 20, 2023 to 23:59:59 on November 21, 2023.”
itp corporation deposit bonus


Suspicious Developments Surrounding ITP:

Recent events cast a shadow on ITP Corporation’s stability.

1. Removal of the ITP app from the app store:
This surley harmed the ponzi profitability. The itp corporation app was an amazing organic traffic source of itpro, it is probebly one of the main factors that got this ponzi to grow so fast, not that it is gone the stability of the HYIP will be gone as well.

As says on “BehindMLM” blog:

Both the app and “Sergii Levchenko” dev account were removed as of September 11th, 2023.


2. The shutdown of the website today (22/11/2023):
A day after the thanksgiving bonus of ridiculous 100% we can see the collapsing starting with collapsing leaving us with only the updated unlisted app from itp website and the (now) active domain this will also be a major factor of more icome loss to the HYIP. website is down scam
As you can see, the error is dns based which indicates they just changed the dns records to shut down the site intentionally.


3. limited online presence raise concerns about the platform’s viability:
While the main domain has collapsed, there is no notice about it on the official telegram group of ITP, only the deposit bonus notice and scarcity for more deposits.

It is not a legitimate activity of a company not to inform investors how to get into their accounts and to let a main domain and the main app that most investors downloaded back when it was on app store to be shut down with no notice.


Chinese Ties and Regulatory Concerns:

Indications from the website’s source code suggest ties to China, possibly implying operations in Asia. Lack of SEC registration further adds regulatory concerns, indicating potential securities fraud.

As shown on “BehindMLM” blog:

As to who’s running ITP Corp, if we look at ITP Pro’s website source-code we find Chinese:

However, many HYIP scripts are china based so it is not 100% indicates the origin of the owner.


Compensation Plan and Withdrawal Fees:

ITP Corporation’s compensation plan, which involves affiliates investing funds for promised returns, raises suspicion of a Ponzi structure. Withdrawal fees of 7% which be set to 0% after 21 days, tiered based on investment levels, add complexity to the system.


Understanding ITP Corporation’s “Quantization Trading Bot” and Ponzi Allegations:

ITP Corporation presents itself as a provider of a “quantization trading bot” offering a daily 4% return. However, scrutiny reveals inconsistencies and suspicions of a Ponzi scheme.

Quantitative Trading Clarification:

It is important to understand that quantitative trading, or quant trading, relies on mathematical and statistical models for strategic market decisions. but, ITP’s “trading bot,” allegedly making instant profits on pip movements, yes, it appears more aligned with binary trading, resembling a form of gambling rather than legitimate quantitative trading.

Ownership and Registration Challenges:

Despite claiming establishment in Seattle, USA, in 2013, ITP Corporation lacks transparency regarding ownership. The company’s registration details, including the creation of its YouTube and Telegram channels in 2018 and a website domain registered in 2018, raise questions about its authenticity.

Conclusion and Caution:

In conclusion, itpro’s current trajectory raises significant concerns. we advised nvestors to exercise caution, conduct thorough due diligence, and reconsider their involvement. The possibility of a Ponzi scheme, regulatory issues, and the lack of transparency are critical factors to consider. Remember, prudent financial decisions are rooted in a clear understanding of risks and potential returns. If something seems too good to be true, careful evaluation is imperative to protect your investments.

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