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RollerCoin: My One-Year Journey and Earnings Revealed

RollerCoin has been an exciting part of my life for the past year, I'll share with you the money I earned during this period.

RollerCoin has been an exciting part of my life for the past year, and in this article, I’ll share with you the money I earned during this period. Additionally, I’ll discuss the benefits of investing time in the game versus investing actual money, so stay tuned to discover my journey with RollerCoin.

My RollerCoin Journey

During my one-year journey with RollerCoin, I enjoyed the challenges and rewards the game had to offer. I played diligently, and my progress was evident in my gameplay and earnings.
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Earnings and Referral Bonuses

Throughout the year, I earned a total of $72.57 from RollerCoin. These earnings were a result of withdrawing Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, and Dogecoin at different points in time. It’s essential to note that these earnings are not extraordinary, but let me show you how I achieved them.

One significant factor that contributed to my earnings was the referral program. By inviting 2,922 users to play RollerCoin using my referral link, I received 20% of what they earned. This provided me with extra income, helping me buy event passes and miners to boost my progress in the game.

Investing Time vs. Investing Money

When it comes to progressing in RollerCoin, there are two primary approaches: investing time and investing money.

  1. Investing Time: To increase your speed and earnings without investing real money, you can focus on playing mini-games regularly. However, reaching higher levels solely through gameplay can be time-consuming and may require dedicating extensive hours to the game.
  2. Investing Money: Some players opt to invest money in RollerCoin by purchasing miners. While this can accelerate progress significantly, it’s crucial to consider the return on investment (ROI) carefully. In my case, it took a year to earn $72.57 from the game, making it a less favorable investment strategy.

Why I Don’t Recommend Investing

As you saw from my experience, investing significant amounts of money in RollerCoin doesn’t necessarily yield quick or substantial returns. The ROI may take years, making it less attractive as an investment option.
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Tips for RollerCoin Success

If you’re interested in joining RollerCoin or already a player looking to improve your earnings, here are some tips:

  1. Active Gameplay: Regularly play mini-games to increase your speed and earn more cryptocurrencies.
  2. Referral Program: Invite friends to play using your referral link to earn additional rewards.
  3. Strategic Mining: Use earned cryptocurrencies to buy miners and increase your speed effectively.
  4. Daily Rewards: Claim daily rewards to add extra cryptocurrencies to your account.


My one-year journey with RollerCoin was an enjoyable experience, and while I earned $72.57 in cryptocurrencies, it’s essential to remember that this game is more about fun than a get-rich-quick scheme. If you decide to join, consider it as a leisure activity and explore the various challenges it offers. Whether you invest time or money, RollerCoin can be a rewarding virtual world to be a part of.
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