Rugged HYIPsView all Crypto Investment: A Comprehensive Review, a promising crypto investment platform. let's explore the exciting features SuperBit has to offer, including their investment, a promising crypto investment platform. let’s explore the exciting features SuperBit has to offer, including their investment plans and instant withdrawal process.

Started on: 2022-08-22

PLANS: 1.50% hourly for 168 hours; 3.00% hourly for 120 hours; 6.78% hourly for 96 hours; 13.2% hourly for 72 hours; 25.00% hourly for 48 hours and more


Status: CLOSED (12/01/2023)
scam hyip offers not paying Crypto Investment Plans: presents a range of investment plans tailored to suit various risk appetites. Let’s take a closer look at two of their prominent plans:

  1. Start Plan:
  • Earnings: 105% to 360% over 240 hours
  • Minimum Deposit: $35 (Principal included)
  • Return Frequency: Instant payouts
  1. Standard Plan:
  • Earnings: 109% to 450% over 168 hours
  • Minimum Deposit: $350 (Principal included)
  • Return Frequency: Instant payouts

You can utilize the calculator provided on their platform to estimate potential earnings for your preferred investment amount.

SuperBit Withdrawal Process: SuperBit prides itself on instant withdrawals, making it an attractive option for crypto investors. Here’s how the withdrawal process works:

Account Setup:

  1. Before initiating a withdrawal, ensure that your wallet address is correctly configured on the platform.
  2. Minimum and Maximum Amounts: The minimum withdrawal amount varies depending on the cryptocurrency you use, ranging from $15 for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and LiteCoin to $15 for TRC-20.
  3. Withdrawal Fees: SuperBit applies withdrawal fees, such as 0.5% for Bitcoin, 2% for Ethereum, and 1.5% for TRC-20.
  4. Submission: To make a withdrawal request, click on the “Withdrawal” tab and enter the desired amount.
  5. Confirmation: Double-check your withdrawal details, including the correct wallet address and the applicable fee.
  6. Instant Processing: Upon confirming the withdrawal, SuperBit processes the payment instantly. Please note that blockchain network confirmation might take one to three minutes.


Withdrawal proccess on

To demonstrate the withdrawal process, we conducted a test withdrawal of $17.38. After submitting the request, the transaction was processed instantly, and the funds were credited to our wallet within minutes, after deducting the applicable withdrawal fee.

SuperBit offers a promising opportunity for crypto investors to earn attractive returns within a relatively short timeframe. However, it’s crucial to exercise caution and invest only what you can afford to lose. Remember, the cryptocurrency market can be volatile, and thorough research is necessary before making any investment decisions.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. Always conduct your research and consult a qualified financial advisor before investing in cryptocurrencies or any other investment opportunity. Happy investing!

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